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Sea Otters of the Elkhorn Slough - Saturday

Sea Otters of the Elkhorn Slough Estuary:  Linking Land to Sea

At the October meeting, two citizen scientists will be speaking to us about their work studying the southern sea otters at Elkhorn Slough. Like so many Point Lobos docents, Ron Eby and Robert Scoles are citizens who have had an abiding love of nature and the natural history of the ocean since childhood.  Ron is a Naval Commander who came to love the Peninsula while at NPS, and Robert is a former Santa Cruz Sheriff Officer, who became an Aquarium Guide in 2005 and a member of TeamOCEAN and BayNet, both NOAA programs.
Ron and Robert teamed up as TeamOCEAN volunteers studying sea otter behavior throughout the slough and documented sea otter behavior in this estuarine environment that differed from previously published coastal behaviors.
Together they have been collaborating with other scientists, and a team of volunteers, who are gathering important information used in a collaborative study by the US Geological Survey, UC Santa Cruz, California Fish and Wildlife and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  
They will describe their previously undocumented findings about sea otters and the role that “Citizen Scientists” can play in enhancing our knowledge of nature.  ➻  Elkhorn Slough Otters  and  ➻   OTTER 696 (our little guy)

Karen Hewitt and Christine Bertko will introduce and discuss two new resources for use by school walk leaders, created with Jeannie Young and Fernando Elizondo, as their California Naturalist capstone project.  The first is a set of helpful strategies for engaging students of any age on nature walks, and the other is a set of cards with photos and facts about organisms in three habitats at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.  The new helpful information to get you started on your school walk is here ➭  School Walk Guide

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Mission Statements

To provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.
Docent volunteers serve as a visible representative of California State Parks at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve promoting the California State Parks mission.  These four simple words -- preserve, protect, educate and interpret -- sum up the docent experience. 
To advance visitors' enjoyment and understanding of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, to protect its natural environment for future generations and to strengthen the Monterey County network of coastal California State Parks.

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School Walks

To schedule a school field trip please contact Melissa Gobell, School Coordinator at:  (831) 625-1470

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Volunteers needed to be interpretive guides for visitors.  Interested?  For training schedule contact:  Melissa Gobell, Docent Coordinator  (831) 625-1470